100 tweakable materials make their arrival on Substance Source

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Substance Source is getting a late summer update with new fully procedural materials. Here is a sample of carefully crafted materials picked from dozens of new arrivals. Discover the full library on Substance Source.

This summer our team of artists worked on a very diverse selection of textures dedicated to all users of Source. We give you access to the blueprints of each texture as SBS files are available for download for all the 100 materials.
Furthermore, we have created each texture with custom parameters in order to allow users to tweak the material’s “look and feel”, giving you freedom to play with an infinity of possible variations.

This is our first “cross-user” material drop. Indeed, Game artists, Surface artists, ArchViz expert and Designers will be able to navigate among a selection of material spanning across various categories and styles including: ceramic, concrete, asphalt, ground, stone, fabric, metal, fences, walls, paint, plastic and wood.

Each material includes the following features to allow you total creative freedom while adapting to the majority of production pipelines:

  • The ability to work with multiple resolutions up to 8K
  • The Materials are totally flexible and configurable to allow variations in its appearance (color, gloss, metallic, surface grain, etc.) but also in its structure, its assembly. Specificly, the user can control the way two surface finishes will blend and distribute on the texture, like the propagation of oxidation on a metal material or the interaction of a paint layer on a brick wall.
  • The .SBS graph of all the materials available for download. The SBS file is the heart of every substance material with it you have direct access at how we created the texture, you can even make modifications and additions directly into it to create your own version of the material according to your needs.
  • Materials can be used in most renderers and engines and the new integration of Substance Source directly into Unity and UE4 now it’s even simpler. Access the entire Substance Source library in the interface of your engine and tweak the texture parameters of each material within the engine.
  • A selection of possible variations is presented with 300+ presets directly on Substance Source.

The editable parameters of each material are “tweakable” directly with Substance Player,
Download Substance Player, available as a free download from the Allegorithmic website to explore the full range of variations.

Check out the 100 fully procedural materials now available on Substance Source and download free samples to experiment with the endless variations possible in each Substance material.

Substance Source is accessible by subscribing to Substance, giving you 30 downloads per month.

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