Back to School: Study at Substance Academy!

    Always wanted a one-stop shop for getting a handle on Substance or learning how to integrate it into your production workflow?

    We thought this was something that all levels of Substance users would like, and it’s the idea behind this first version of Substance Academy: a place where you can learn more about PBR texturing and the Substance toolset, with the videos and documentation you need as you pursue your path to Substance greatness!

    Substance Academy is a new place where you can find lots of video tutorials, courses and documentation organized by software, level and topic.

    Do you need to learn about getting started with Substance Designer or master rendering with Iray? Or maybe you want to spend an afternoon getting up to speed with Substance for environments in Unity 5. Just head on over and load up the tutorials!

    This is just a preview of what Substance Academy has to offer. We’ll be growing the platform over the coming months with even more tips and content (with a surprise or two thrown in there) for becoming the best Substance user you can be!

    Substance Academy is the beginning of something new that will evolve as you learn. We hope that it will soon be one of your favorite ways to dive into Substance and sharpen your skills!

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