Celebrating 1 Million Downloads for Substance Share

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Substance Share just celebrated its MILLIONTH download! As you may remember, we launched this platform one year ago with the goal of giving the community a place to exchange content online at no cost, and we couldn’t be happier about this big event.

We are continually amazed by the quality and quantity of the assets that are now part of Substance Share: brushes, materials, filters, effects, images, meshes, tools and even more for your all 3D project needs. All the assets available on Substance Share can be used freely without any restrictions for non-commercial and commercial projects alike!

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve picked our Top 10 staff favorites for you here.

Shore Eroded Rock by Sébastien Rousseau

Sébastien Rousseau

“This Substance pictures a rocky ground eroded by the water through the years surrounded by the deciduous forest. Only the small leaves are bitmap, the rest is 100% pure procedural. Leaf textures are captured near my location and 3D scanned for a more realistic result. 100% original stuff here.”

Creature Scales by Nicolas Longchamps

Nicolas Longchamps

“Creature Scales material. Completely procedural. A lot of exposed parameters for randomness, color, HSL adjustments, details, etc. Optional color input for a custom color map.”

Mordor Rock by bewarethemidgets


“I have designed this material using the high res plane in Substance. I wanted to create something that would look really unpleasant for hobbits to walk on. There are a few controls for primary, secondary and tertiary forms plus the amount of lichen and pebbles.”

Flowing Lava by Janine Smith

Janine Smith

Designed by Janine Smith, this lava is a great example of Substance animation possibilities.

Moroccan Door by Sergi Lluch

Sergi Lluch

“A kind of door you could find on the streets of Morocco. Parameters exposed to change the color of the tiles and the door paint, and tweak the dirt of the walls. 100% procedural, no bitmap, no vector graphic used.”

Cliff Sharp by Mynglam


Great and sharp example of shape here :-).

Ceramic Tiles by L. Kuzyakin

L. Kuzyakin

The quality of the patterns and the exposed parameters make this Substance material really unique.

Stylized Rocks and Magma by Ralle


“Stylized rocks and magma material with a few simple controls.”

Rocky Lagoon by James Diab

James Diab

“This is the lagoon substance I created to generate a procedural lagoon texture for my latest environment that can be viewed at http://polycount.com/discussion/173213/ue4-paradise-image-heavy#latest”?

Rock Moss Generator by Pierre Fleau

Pierre Fleau

One of the most beautiful Substances with very interesting parameters: worth trying!

And finally, the lucky millionth downloader will receive a free T-Shirt and Pro License for the Substance software of his choice. Congratulations to Danny Rodriguez (www.danrod3d.com) for the win!

Thank you for getting Substance Share to this incredible milestone, and keep on sharing!

BONUS: The last Google Hangout with Allegorithmic CEO Sébastien Deguy and Community Manager Vincent Gault was so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again, this time with Community Manager Wes McDermott and Sébastien again. We’ll be livestreaming and taking your questions from Allegorithmic HQ on Tuesday, November 8 at 11:30 am EST.

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