Join the event for product development leaders in fashion 

PI Apparel is the rendez-vous for the fashion, footwear and apparel industries, where professionals gather to explore technologies, and in particular digital transformation. 

As the pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to adopt digital transformation, PI Apparel is moving to online events to continue to support those industry professionals. 

This year, Substance by Adobe will be present at the PI Apparel Europe online on October 19-20 and PI Apparel NY online on November 9-11 with a virtual booth and a think-thank session via Zoom.  
Connect with us, and meet the team to discuss the Substance toolset, and to ask any questions you might have. 

Session: Photorealism & Flexibility for Material Digitalization

Nicolas PaulhacHead of Content Creation, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

Having a digital twin of your material is key for creative design. Today, with Substance materials, you can have both flexibility and photorealism. The creative phase of the process requires flexibility, while communication calls for realism in marketing and catalogs.  

In this interactive session, Nicolas Paulhac will explain the inner workings of material digitalization in the fashion industry, where Substance technologies provide game-changing solutions, including: 

  • Flexible material creation for creative exploration
  • Physical sample capture democratization: quick and easy creation of a realistic digital twin using existing samples
  • Generic material library re-use 
  • Adding photorealistic details to your garment design in 3D