Join the world’s foremost conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques

SIGGRAPH is the most important conference of the year for professionals in the field of computer graphics. And this year, the event is going completely online.

On-demand pre-conference sessions are already taking place, and SIGGRAPH formally opens its doors on August 24.

This year, the Substance by Adobe team will be hosting a virtual booth. Feel free to stop by and meet the team!
What’s a virtual booth? Think of it like an ongoing Zoom conversation; you can connect whenever you like to ask questions, discuss your Substance wish list, and generally get to know the team behind the development of the Substance toolset.

This year, we’re delighted to present two sessions: 

Exhibitor session: On-demand
Adobe 3D & Immersive: 2020 R&D Highlights  
Davide Pesare, Head of Labs and Films Specialist, 3D& Immersive, Research & Labs, Adobe

The 3D teams at Adobe are working on a number of exciting new projects. From research to prototypes, discover some highlights we would like to share. Davide presents some technologies we are working on: a rapid material capture system, ways to simulate intense deformation, and much more.

Birds Of A Feather session: Tuesday, 25 August at 10:00 AM PST
MaterialX: An Open Standard for Network-Based CG Object Looks 
David Larsson, Senior Software Engineer, Special Projects, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

David will discuss the latest developments in MaterialX, an open standard used to describe and transfer shading, rich material, and lookdev content between DCC tools and renderers.

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