Today, fashion goes digital. With Nicolas, learn about the fashion industry today, and its efforts to use 3D to enhance the creative process of stylists around the world.  
Discover the creation of a procedural textile with Pauline. See how she uses Substance to build photorealistic weaves and customize them even further with prints, embroideries, zippers, and more. 
Discover how to use the decals to create clothes with Maximilien.


Nicolas Paulhac, Head of Content Creation, 3D & Immersive, Adobe 
Nicolas is the Head of Content Creation for the Substance online library of digital materials. He is also an industrial designer with over a decade of experience working with materials and manufacturing processes at global brands like Nokia, Microsoft, Acer and Hager group.

Pauline Boiteux, Texture Artist
Pauline is a freelance texture artist who worked for a well-known French luxury brand. She is an expert in the field of digital textile materials and in the creation of original patterns and fabrics. Pauline is now proudly working alongside the Substance Source team.

Maximilien Vert, Technical Artist, 3D & Immersive, Adobe 
Maximilien is a technical artist from the Substance Source team and also in charge of the creation of the Source’s communication visuals. After his Fine Art degree, he quickly jumps and embraces the texturing process. Through personal experimentation, he developed his own distinct art style. He is a big fan of procedural workflows and many of his projects feature the use of generators to create infinite variations.

Host: Wes McDermott, Head of Substance Demo Artist Team, 3D & Immersive, Adobe