Join the Substance by Adobe team online for three sessions at VIEW Conference! 

VIEW Conference is Italy’s largest international conference in computer graphics. The event hosts notable professionals from the field of computer graphics, including VFX and animation, gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality. It attracts attendees from October 18 to 23 in Turin, as well as hosting online talks, workshops and presentations.  

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be part of the event with a keynote at the Business Innovation Summit, and two workshops. Explore emerging technologies and workflows and learn how to texture with Substance Painter, and how to sculpt in VR with Medium by Adobe.

The Blurred Line Between Modeling and Surfacing

Wednesday, October 21, 7:00 8:00 PM CET  / 10:00 – 11:00 AM PDT 

Sébastien Deguy, Vice President 3D & Immersive, Adobe 

In this presentation, Sébastien will explore an emerging workflow between modeling and texturing, or surfacing, in which the separation between these two steps is made blurry by advances in surfacing. Notably, he will demonstrate how 3D artists can efficiently choose their ‘cutting frequency’, optimizing mesh polycount and texture map LODs, while adding mid- and high-frequency shape information in SVBRDF maps. He will also outline the benefits of such processes, including faster iteration time and the avoidance of technical steps such as retopology. 

SUBSTANCE PAINTER WORKSHOP: Texturing with Substance Painter 
Tuesday, October 20, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM CET 
Laurens Corijn, Technical Artist, 3D & Immersive, Adobe 

Substance Painter has become a staple texturing tools for artists across 3D industries thanks to its easy, intuitive workflow. While teaching the software, Laurens Corijn has observed that a lot of users – even experienced users – are often still unaware of many aspects of the tool. In this workshop, he’ll run through a project highlighting optimal ways to approach texturing, as well as diving into some less well-known, but fun and interesting, advanced features of Substance Painter. 

MEDIUM WORKSHOP: Sculpting in VR: All About Forms 
Friday, October 23, 2:00 – 3:00 PM CET 
Giovanni Nakpil, Art Director, 3D & Immersive, Adobe 

Strong forms and readability are two of the most important elements in sculpting. In this hour-long workshop Giovanni will demonstrate how to use Medium’s powerful tools for form-building, as well as how to achieve a clean and readable sculpture. He will also touch on the advantages of working in VR for art and production, and talk about how this all fits into today’s current pipeline.