From Substance Source to Unreal Engine: Archviz with Scionti Design

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I’m Pasquale Scionti, a 3D architectural visualizer born in Vancouver, Canada, and lived in Milan, Italy. With more than 13 years of professional experience in the architectural visualization Industry, I work with high attention to detail and realism in order to create the best visualizations possible.

I’ve worked in a number of countries and with several international clients. Now, I live in Tampa Florida and work full time as CGI manager for Ashley Furniture, creating photorealistic renders and animation with the use of Substance Painter and Substance Designer.


I started out as an enthusiastic photographer with a love of composition. I have always been interested in the latest technology, and I taught myself about the world of 3D.


When I create a composition for Archviz, I start with the mood and then select no more than three colors for my palette. I sketch my environments and then model the base structure. Sometimes I will model furniture or props.


For modeling, I use 3ds Max: I usually start from box polygons and then I structure my way with the final asset using Edge Loop and chamfers, then finally TurboSmooth and Cloth Simulator. Final details like creases are created with ZBrush

For texturing, I use the Substance to V-Ray plugin and download the base materials from Substance Source using 4k textures, and tweaking them as necessary.

For renders, I use 3ds Max and V-Ray for detailed shots and still images. When I need animation, I use Unreal Studio with the use of Substance inside Unreal Engine, which makes my workflow more friendly, and scenes more realistic.


I discovered Substance at my current job, as we use it for our workflow here. I started to use it because it integrates with all the 3D software tools that I use.

Substance in UE4 Integration

I do use the Substance in UE4 plugin. Substance Source is a great way to download your materials directly in Unreal Engine 4, and the interface is very friendly. I work with 4k textures and tweak them.

Leather Sofa Scene

For this interior scene, my goal was to create a photorealistic look, so that’s why I used Substance materials on almost everything – the floor, the wall and the leather sofa.

I used a leather base material downloaded from Substance Source, then I tweaked it to get the desired appearance. I did the same thing for the floor and wall.

I modeled and designed the sofa with 3ds Max, using Cloth Modifier. I then rendered the scene with V-Ray and Substance materials.

Substance for Archviz

The benefits of using Substance for archviz is that you have full control of material and settings directly inside the 3D software, whether this is Unreal Engine 4, V-Ray or Corona.

Having a seamless 4k texture and accurate PBR material is a benefit for photorealistic renders and accurate lighting reaction.

Future Projects

My future projects will be focused on Nvidia RTX technology Realtime Tracing using Unreal Engine 4.

I always stay updated with the latest technology and 3D software. Feel free to visit my website:

All images courtesy of Pasquale Scionti

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