Here Are the Substance Day at GDC Keynote Announcements!

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Substance Day at GDC gathered people from Allegorithmic and industry veterans for a full day of talks and presentations on all things Substance!

As has become the tradition at every Substance Day, founder and CEO Sébastien Deguy gave a keynote presenting all the major announcements for 2018 and beyond. Discover what we have in store for you, and we hope you are as excited as we are about the road ahead!

Substance Painter Spring 2018 Release

Released just a few days ago, this new version brings considerable improvements to the Substance Painter interface and user experience, allowing you to focus exclusively on your creation. This release is just the first of many improvements to come, a foundation on which we plan to create the Substance Painter of the future.

The success of Substance Painter has grown over the years; in 2017 it reached more than 10 million session launches!

Check out Wes McDermott’s livestream showing the major new features of this release!

Substance: Now Even More Integrated into Unreal Engine and Unity

Convinced of the importance of smoothly integrating Substance into any artist’s workflow, we work hard on integrating Substance in two of the most widely-used real-time engines!

Substance in Unreal Engine 4

Courtesy of Robert Filipowicz & Evermotion: Archinteriors for UE vol. 4.

With last week’s release of Unreal Engine 4.19, you now get 25 Substance Source materials curated by Allegorithmic and Epic Games for free. And if you use Unreal Studio, you will get 100 Substance Source materials for free!

Of course, the Substance in Unreal Engine 4 plugin still contains all the features you love: direct access to Substance Source, a livelink with Substance Painter, and tweakable Substance parameters allowing real-time material changes and texture updates.

Substance in Unity

Courtesy of Jeryce Dianingana

There will be a significant change concerning the Substance in Unity native integration. Since the end of the support of the native Substance integration in the newer versions of the engine, we’ve been working hard to make a quality Substance plugin available for Unity 2018.1. The plugin is still natively integrated from Unity 3.5 to Unity 5.

This change allows us to directly control the code of the plugin, and to provide you with new features, sooner and more frequently. The new plugin, which is currently under construction, will contain all the features of the native integration: direct access to materials from Substance Source, real-time updates thanks to the LiveLink with Substance Painter, and procedural material generation from Substance Designer directly within Unity.

Keep an eye out as we will keep you informed about our advancements!

Substance Designer: a New Bundle with Substance Automation Toolkit

Throughout the years, Substance Designer has become a hugely versatile tool for tech artists. Besides procedurally creating materials, you can process scans, work on look development, personalize technical pipelines thanks to scripting, and much more besides.

So it came naturally to us to bundle Substance Designer with the powerful set of tools included in Substance Automation Toolkit, to speed up the demanding production pipelines of large studios. These two work hand in hand to help you texture and create various assets on a large scale, allowing a greater degree of automation of more repetitive tasks.

Today, Substance Automation Toolkit comes with Substance Designer in a newly priced bundle. Contact us for an evaluation.

Project Alchemist Announced: Augmented Material Creation is Coming

A brand new tool in the Substance ecosystem we’re working on, Project Alchemist, joins our vision of bringing digital material creation to the next level. It will introduce new ways of creating, managing and processing materials, by mixing procedural-based, hand-made, capture-based and AI-based workflows. Texture creation will become more accessible than ever!

A dedicated team has been working on the project for almost two years, and we feel it is the right time to call on the community for the last stages of the project. We are now looking for early adopters and creative technologists to join us on this journey.

Sign up now to become eligible to join the private beta and help us test and improve Project Alchemist. The roadmap includes a closed beta by the end of Q2 and a full release by the end of 2018/the start of 2019. And best of all: it will be free for all Substance subscribers!

GDC 2018 Showreel

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is the GDC 2018 Substance showreel 😉

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