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If you have an Oculus VR Headset, Medium is for you

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Have you dreamed you sculpted with digital clay? This is what Medium is for. 

Artwork by Gio Nakpil

Give in to your instincts. Use your entire body in full immersion to sculpt your 3D asset. It’s a great way to quickly create and iterate. Just imagine all the ways you can interact physically with your creations! 

What is Medium?

Medium is all about instinctive creativity. Features like elastic move make organic shaping quite natural.  

With these moves, this is the type of art you can create:

Artwork by Stacy Tang

You don’t have to limit yourself to organic shapes only! In Medium, over 300 stamps, with snapping and constraint tools, are dedicated to kitbash hard-surface models.  

Artwork by Bay Raitt

When you’re finished, export your asset as an OBJ or FBX. That way, you can 3D print it, use it in your favorite game engine, or bring it into another program for rendering, compositing, or texturing work. 

If you’re curious about Medium, these tutorials can help you take your first steps in the app:

New in Medium 

Medium’s first update at Adobe lands today, with the implementation of several new community requests. 

Create more complex sculpts. When you lock or unlock a layer now, the voxel data is removed/restored from memory, without changing the rendering mesh. This frees up RAM on both the CPU and GPU, and will help creating art like this:

Artwork by Marc Simonetti

Also in this release: you can now import a sculpt file into your current sculpt session. Importing sculpt files will bring over layers, meshes, images, lights, and transform nodes.

Other comfort improvement includes the Worldspace capture camera, which is now in your scene. Attributes and transforms will save with your scene.  

Your export feature takes a step forward as well, as meshes now export with the sculpt and specified pivot. Vertex position, normal, vertex color, a single UV set, and layer pivots will export. Textures, materials and other attributes not yet supported (but we’re working on it hand in hand with the Substance team!)   

We’re also shipping with major performance improvements, and have fixed some bugs (like creating new stamps, Unicode file names). The full release note is right here.

Join the community!

The Medium community is awesome! Chat with the team and other passionate sculptors on Facebook. Because Substance and Medium are basically cousins, Medium has its own channel on the Substance Discord! Discover cool techniques, engage with experts, hang out with the team and other artists, and share your art.

And if you have any question, join us on September 17! Wes McDermott will be live with Gio Nakpil to discover how to create amazing sculpts in Medium. As always, ask your questions in the chat.

Artwork by Gio Nakpil, made with Medium and Substance Painter!

The Substance team is super happy to welcome the Medium team, artists and community! Stay on the Magazine for upcoming news, releases, inspiration articles and interviews.

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