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A few weeks have passed since the winners of the Materialize Contest have been announced. We have been amazed to see the amount of creativity the Mattershots channel inspired you to put forth. This honorable mention selection is just a fragment of all the wonderful creations we would have liked to feature. Here they are, some of our favorite entries selected by the Allegorithmic team (in no particular order):

General Category

Environment Artist
Leamington, United Kingdom

Reference Image: F16 Etienne Zajega

3D Artist
Malaga, Spain

Wendell Castle, wind cries (Stained Ash With Oil Finish)

Tech Artist
Montréal, Canada

Cocolia, Color basketball, Mireia Ruiz

3D Environment Artist
Tokyo, Japan

Alexander Wang, Balenciaga

Environment Artist / Level Designer
Salzburg, Austria

Waved fabric via

2D and 3D Artist
Manchester, United Kingdom

Lavernia & Cienfuegos Utopick Chocolates

Freelance developer
Rhisnes, Belgium

Givenchy Cloth

3D Modelling/Texturing Student
Blaubeuren, Germany

Damascus blade

Material Artist
Grootebroek, Netherlands

Metal relief by David Baker Architects

Lead 3D Artist
Moscow, Russia

Fuse project Jawbone speakers

Matthias Kries

Ingolstadt, Germany

rtmis: yfasmatik

3D Generalist
Manchester, UK

Adidas and Carbon, First Mass Production 3D Printed Shoe

Tokyo, Japan

Gaia acoustic panels

Environment Artist
Bellevue, WA, USA

Anna Piper, collectiftextile

Environment Artist
Rzeszow, Poland


3D Generalist Artist

Faceted vase David Wiseman studio

3D Artist
Bergamo, Italy

hexagon wall tiles

Freelance texture/shading artist
St. Petersburg, Russia

Dischetto noise

3D Artist
Sydney, Australia

Fabric eoa

3D Artist
Pärnu, Estonia

Novum cover

3D Artist
Stirling, United Kingdom

PUMA Agility

Environment Artist
Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Ford Vignale Leather

Gdansk, Poland

architextiles by aleksandra gaca

3D Artist/Generalist
Hamburg, Germany

Brushed metal blocks

Tech Artist
Göttingen, Germany

Marsden Tile by Gilles Miller

3D Generalist, Texture Specialist
British Columbia, Canada

Woojai paperbrick

3D Artist
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Respirer by BKID

Environment Artist
Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Neon V2 Alex Diaconu

MDL Category

Drew Taylor

Texture artist
Tampa, FL, USA

Colored Carbon Fiber by Prodrive

Sergey Danchenko

3D Artist
Minsk, Belarus

Smart textile CROSSLAB//COLLAB

Jorge Claros

3D Artist
Bogotá, Colombia


Romain Lemaire

Pixel Wood

Once again, we’d like to thank every participant and we encourage you to share your creations with the community on Substance Share!

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