, by Nicolas Paulhac

New on Substance Source: Eclectic Summer Selection

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New content is up on Substance Source! Introducing our July 2020 batch of 385+ brand new assets landing in the library today.

This release helps Substance Source through a new milestone, with a total of over 4500 materials for 3D! The team has worked hard to increase the rhythm of content creation, with more than 600 new asset in just one month. And this is just the beginning. 

Each month, in addition to specific collections, we fill up our categories with new types of materials, from photorealistic to stylized, and from textures to atlases and decals!

Let’s see samples of this month’s new additions.

Stylized is growing fast!

Completing the marble series: new marbles are available! There’s more than ten different patterns of wall and floor, and four patterns to create antique stone columns for your next level palace. Ave Caesar!

Of course, it all is fully customizable as every single material is procedural — even the stylized graveyard! 

Want more stylized materials? Have another look at last month’s release.

A photorealistic blacksmith’s toolbox

Metals get an update with a large selection of procedural finishes and patterns. Forged, cast, grinded, battered or stamped in decorative patterns… 

From the anvil to rust! Steel, brass, copper, bronze, chrome, zinc, nickel, aluminum, titanium and iron don’t just differ in color. Each alloy ages and oxidizes differently and you now have the control over procedural rust picking the main metal elements.

Last month, we also released a large number of photorealistic materials. Read all about that release here.

Get the details just right with decals

All the little things you need to customize your art. The decals get more content, and more variety.

We want to give you more chance to explore the new batch of materials, so today, there isn’t one free material. Not two free materials. Not even five free materials! Today, it’s a summer special, with 15 new free materials, which brings your total of free stuff to over 50. Check out the free assets right here:

We’re firing up the oven for the next batch, so, stay tuned, and stay safe. Happy summertime from the Source team!

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