Nodevember 2020: let’s spread the node love!

Nodevember is back and is waiting for some Substance Designer creativity!

    Nodevember is back and is waiting for some Substance Designer creativity!
    If you haven’t done it before, Nodevember is a yearly event to encourage and promote art generated with node-based software. The idea emerged 2 years ago thanks to Material artist Josh Lynch who contacted us to see if we can make something with Substance Designer. But it is really last year that it gained in popularity, thanks to the initiative, which expands the concept to any noded based application.

    So this year we (and some other software companies) decided to make sure there is a single Nodevember initiative, driven by! One single inspirational list to rule them all 😉

    You can discover the prompt just below: one topic per day! Can’t wait to see what you will create with Substance Designer 😉

    Nodevember 2020

    Nodevember is a challenge, not a contest: nothing to win, except some fun and new skills!

    Participating is simple:

    • Create awesome procedural stuff inspired by the prompt each day.
    • Post your result, along with a screenshot of your nodes, on social media.
    • Tag your post with #nodevember and #nodevember2020 so that everyone can see it.

    The exact limit of what is procedural depends on your field and skill level, so we encourage you to define your own boundaries and goals at the beginning of the month.

    These are suggested boundaries for popular fields:


    • No manual sculpting/modelling.
    • Basic primitives only.
    • No nodes that load external data.


    • No image textures.
    • No nodes that load external data.
    • For an extra challenge, use only procedural lighting (no HDRIs).

    Music/sound synthesis:

    • No samples or recordings.
    • No nodes that load external data.
    • Basic oscillators only (no wavetables).

    Do them all, or pick your favorite. And more important, have fun!

    And above all, have fun!

    For more info and updates, follow @NodevemberIO on Twitter and Instagram, and check out

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