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Paint with Maximum Flexibility in Substance Painter

In this new Substance Painter release, you can hide geometry and copy/paste effects!

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We’ve added UX improvements across the board that should make your life easier, but the major changes are around new features to give you better flexibility when you paint. We’ve unveiled these new features in a live demo: check out Valeria’s first look here.

Paint everywhere: hide geometry

Today marks the end of those little corners of the mesh that you could never quite reach very well. You can now isolate the parts of your model you want to access, and get comfortable painting.

The feature is available both in your default workflow, as well as in your UV Tiles workflow. To help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together a tutorial:

Build effects only once: copy/paste effects

Few things are more obnoxious than repetitive tasks. This is why we’re happy to introduce the ability to copy and paste effects, from one layer to another — and even between texture sets!

To help you find your bearings, copy/paste actions are now all consistent in the layer stack for layers, effects and geometry masks.

Your UV Tiles workflow keeps improving

After the big summer release where we introduced the whole new UV Tiles (UDIMs) workflow, we’ve kept our promise to keep adding functionalities to the experience. Making sense of what’s on which tile is always appreciated, and so we’ve implemented the ability to add a description on your UV tiles. 

And there’s a better thumbnail preview for the fill layers in your UV Tiles workflow. You can opt in to this preview improvement in the default workflow, as well.

Stitch everything together with new stitch tools

Stitches are definitely a pain point of asset creation as they can be very complex to model, and finding the right way to add stitches into the texture can be a great time saver. To help you along the line, we’re launching 3 new tool presets to add stitches in your texture.

That’s 3 tool presets, 26 combinations, and so many parameters. Not only do you have lots of possible variations, but these stitches are designed to look exceptional in your final render, too.

We’ve put together a tutorial with all the best practices to use these stitches:

The snake is back! Python for production pipelines

These new functionalities should help you get the most of your Python API in Substance Painter. You can manage custom shelves, and the new content integration can be automated. To help you get down to the details of the possibilities, the documentation is now much improved. Check it out.

Iray update

We’ve updated Iray to the latest version! The renderer now fully supports all the Ampere architecture cards, such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series. All the details are in the documentation.

日本語でテクスチャリング! (Texture in Japanese!)

日本語スピーカーの方ようこそ!  Substance Painter is now available in Japanese. Let us know what you think!

There’s a lot more in this release: for all the details, please check out the release note

This release’s main artwork is a creation by Pablo Munoz Gomez; the windmill was created by Casimir Perez.

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