Parametric Decals: What a Mess You’ll Create

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Today’s release is part of a large batch of over 400 materials on Substance Source. You can now also get new stylized and photorealistic materials.

Looking for a new set of decals? 100 new fully parametric decals are coming to complete our existing palette.

Pour it, splash it, throw it, blow it, slide, drip, or even spin paint Jackson Pollock style!

Like the artist once said:“Have no fears about using the random seed for the painting has a life of its own.” Jackson Pollock

A unique shape size and strength each time; the diversity of nature is infinite, as are the possible variations of each of the procedural decals.

Well, we had to put all this alone time to good use! But we’d like to assure you that, disclaimer: “No ankles were twisted… …no paint buckets left open… no coffee mugs cracked… no street furniture borrowed… no trees hurt… and not a single drop of beer was wasted to create this month’s decals collection.”

We can’t wait to see the kind of mess you’ll texture with them.
Want to know more?… Catch-up with the first collection of parametric decals.

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