Project Substance Alchemist: a Fresh Harvest of New Features

Get healthy before summer comes with Project Substance Alchemist, the freshest tool in the Substance suite!

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The Substance team is proud to deliver a fresh harvest of new features! We improved your collections and material management in ways that will make you go bananas.

Before anything else, it has to be said: we’ve received a ton of feedback and encouragement from the community. Thanks a bunch for your engagement and your zesty enthusiasm!

Okay, the time is ripe to look into what’s now possible in Project Substance Alchemist.

Empower Your Collections

Creating a collection of materials is easy. It’s quick: build a collection directly from your search results and you’re set up to start the customization of all your materials.

And now that your collection is complete? Well, you can share it with your team, your art director, or your mom by exporting a board of your amazing materials. How do you like them apples?

Manage Your Materials

With all these juicy bits out, it’s also time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Organize and enrich your materials with metadata in a dedicated space. It will be a clear win for your search, browsing and material management experience. And this is just the beginning; this is a function that will become more and more fruitful as new releases become available (and we’re planning a lot of releases). Keep your eyes peeled!

New Ingredients to Create Materials

We’ve filled the basket of filters with new content with the help of our amazing Substance Source artists. Download the files and learn how to use them in a detailed Substance Academy tutorial.

You can, for example, tweak your wood finish in a snap.

Or you can create a brick wall material with a ready-to-use and dedicated filter. That’s pretty top banana, right there.

Stabilize & Optimize Your Workflow

The cherry on the cake? We took the time to stabilize and optimize the tab switching to offer you a better, more seamless, and smoother experience navigating through the interface.

We heard through the grapevine that the famous Undo and Redo shortcuts needed a bit of improvement, so we extended the shortcuts to the parameter values modification. Orange you glad we’ve done that?

The icons had a chance to get their beach body ready before the summer; their design now matches that of the other Substance tools. We think they’re sublime.

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