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Project Substance Alchemist: New Content, More Fun

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Get ready for the summer with this new release of Project Substance Alchemist! As always, we’ve cooked up something tasty, and sprinkled it with a hefty layer of content and a dash of fun.

Filters: New Content

You know us – a release means new fun stuff to try out. So, to get you flexing your creative muscles, we’ve added 12 filters. This brings our total to 40 filters, which should keep you busy for a little while. There’s a Randomizer tool, an Equalizer for your scans, a Gravel generator, Water and Corrosion filters, and more!

Metal always gets better with a finishing touch. It’s all about the little details and the Metal Finish filter is here to provide exactly that. Have a look:

Who hasn’t had to create a Brick Wall material before? Shape, number of rows, colors, damage: change it to your heart’s content!

Give new life to your legacy textures: import your bitmap files directly in the Base Material filter to get a new Substance texture!

Pepper base material

Or you can generate random variations of your scanned materials.

We also figured we could improve the preview of fabric and leather materials. Introducing the new cloth mesh – for those moments when spheres aren’t enough!

Filters: New Panel

All these new content are made even better with a simple new way to access them. Check out our new dedicated panel to browse, manage and import your own filters.

For the busy material creator and our dear Substance Designer users, we made sure there would be an extra-convenient way to reach your filters: just press the spacebar.

Dynamic Exploration

Animate the sliders of your choice to see your materials evolve in real-time. You can pause and play at any time!

It works with the environment as well! Animate it and watch your material shine under the light.

Material Information

Now that your material library may be starting to grow steadily, you may need a few more organization tools. You can now access the material information (name, category, local path) by right-clicking on it.


With the .sbsar export, you can use all your materials in Substance Painter and our integrations (3ds Max/Corona, UE4, Unity, Adobe Dimension,…). We are super-curious to see how your Substance Alchemist materials will render in your projects! Share them online and tag us!

About the Artist

Lucas Lino created this release’s key art with Project Substance Alchemist, 3ds Max and Corona.

Lucas, an architecture student in Vila Velha, Brazil, created 502 Apartmentcheck out the artwork on Artstation.

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