SIGGRAPH 2018 Edition Was a Blast!

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SIGGRAPH 2018 just finished and we can’t believe how great this edition was. Thanks to all those who came to say hello and to those who followed our live streams! Here, we’ll sum up the best moments of this crazy week in Vancouver.


The entire team was at booth 415 to welcome attendees and showcase the latest features of our software. Baptiste Manteau, Substance Alchemist Product Owner, demonstrated the new tool a dozen times, enjoying the latest Nvidia Quadro RTX World’s First Ray-Tracing GPU.

Wes McDermott showcased Substance Painter playing with the Cintiq Pro 24 from Wacom, while Casimir Perez updated users on Substance Designer’s new features.

Our friends from HP were at the booth as well presenting the HP Z 3D Camera. The device allows you to turn your display, and your Windows 10 PC, into a versatile capturing tool, generating compatible 3D data with texture map synthesis for PBR rendering using integrated Substance B2M functionality.

The X-Taon Demo

The party was also next door with our neighbors right across the alley: StarVR were demonstrating the very first VR experience made with our X-Taon Substance show car. Thanks to the work of Theia Interactive, you could play with the exterior of the car, changing colors, switching wheels – and view the result with the powerful StarVR headset!

Substance Day at SIGGRAPH 2018

We started the week with Substance Day at SIGGRAPH on Monday, August 13. Sébastien Deguy, Founder, and CEO of Allegorithmic kicked things off with his keynote and some exciting news that included the upcoming launcher, Project Trebuchet, and the first ever Substance Alchemist live demo by Jérémie Noguer. The new upcoming standalone product will allow users to mix different approaches: procedural, artistry, capturing techniques and artificial intelligence.

Even if this is not yet the final product, reactions were overwhelming and we can’t wait to share more about Substance Alchemist in the upcoming months. If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here:

Substance Day was also the opportunity to learn more about the Substance Designer and Substance Painter summer releases. Our specialists Wes McDermott and Jérémie Noguer answered many questions from the crowd and the live chat; they even shared their best tips and tricks to improve your use of the tools.

In the afternoon, Marc Austin from Double Negative gave a fascinating, inspiring talk about the use of Substance in the blockbuster Pacific Rim, and Stephen Phillips from Theia Interactive outlined the benefits of using Substance products for real-time visualization projects. He also revealed the first VR project made with Allegorithmic’s show car X-Taon.

Finally, we revealed the winners of the David and Diana Apparel Creation Contest. Special thanks to some of you who stayed up very late over in Europe to watch the results live, and congratulations again to all the winners and the special mentions. Check out the full list of winners here!

After the event, we hosted a cocktail party for people to mingle and chat.

So, in a few words… SIGGRAPH 2018 featured a lot of exciting news and discoveries, and we hope to see you there next year! But, for now, there is still a lot more to come in the Substance world in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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