Insanity Awards

Substance Designer Insanity Awards 2020: Revealed!

Take a look at the most impressive Substance Designer creations of 2020!

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2020 was insane in so many different ways, with challenging and difficult moments. But in December, the word ‘Insanity’ takes on a really positive meaning for us, and for all of the Substance Designer community: this is the time where we celebrate your wizardry.

We salute those who pushed the boundaries of what is feasible with Substance Designer. They make us ask ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’. They make us rethink what we thought was possible with the software, and inspire the dev team to implement new features to support new workflows.

Welcome to the ‘Insanity Awards’: a selection of insanely good projects created with Substance Designer.

Starting today, we’re unveiling the Top 10 of the projects that impressed us the most in 2020. We’ll update this post on a daily basis, in order to bring a bit of suspense!

Number 10: The Ritual, by Daniel Thiger

Number 9: Pork with salted vegetable, by dotch Zeng

Number 8: Royal Crown by Daniel Thiger (again ;-))

Number 7: Height Map Modeling with Substance Designer – Asus P535, by Cem Tezcan

Number 6 tie: Ishan Verma & Emrecan Cubukcu

Number 5: Japanese Geisha by Xiaopeng Shen

Number 4: HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition, by Olivier Lau

Number 3: Peacock, by Andrea Savchenko

Number 2: Medieval City, by Jan Trubač

Number 1: Andrei Zelenco with his 2d Fluid simulation, physic simulation, and so much more!

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