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Substance for Unity 5: Creating PBR textures for environments and characters is a free course designed to educate users on PBR principles and guidelines while showcasing the power of the Substance toolset to easily create PBR-ready content for Unity 5. The course is divided into 5 chapters, which allows users to pick and choose topics to build their own training path. If you are only interested in PBR guidelines and Substance Painter, then chapter one, video 01 and 02 and chapter four is what you need. If you are new to PBR and using Substance in Unity, then you may want to view the entire course.

Chapter one is now available for viewing and the other chapters will be released later this month.
Chapter one is a foundational chapter that explains PBR principles and map creation guidelines. It covers working with PBR in Unity as well as how to use a Substance material.

Chapters two through four cover the creation of a modular Substance material, creating rock models, a Unity block-in scene and painting maps in Substance Painter. These chapters are where we look at practical examples and workflows for creating PBR textures and it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Substance Designer and Substance Painter. If you are completely new to the Substance Toolset, we recommend that you first check our basic tutorial series for the applications.

Finally in Chapter five we take the created assets and build a demo scene in Unity 5.

Course Introduction

Chapter One: PBR and Substance fundamentals

  • Understanding PBR
  • Working with PBR in Unity
  • Using Substance in Unity
  • Optimization tips for Substance materials

Chapter Two: Creating a tileable environment material in Substance Designer

  • Creating rock shapes
  • Compositing the rock shapes
  • Creating the dirt ground
  • Compositing the ground and rocks
  • Creating a rock material
  • Publishing the Substance

Chapter Three: Creating the rock/ground models

  • Creating the block-in scene in Unity
  • Creating the ground
  • Creating the rocks

Chapter Four: Creating PBR textures for a character in Substance Painter

  • Using Substance Painter to create PBR textures
  • Using materials from Substance Designer and Substance Share
  • Exporting textures from Substance Painter
  • Using the Substance Painter textures in Unity

Chapter Five: Creating the demo scene in Unity

  • Building the demo scene

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