Substance Share: Staff Picks

Since we launched Substance Share 5 months ago, we have been amazed by the quality — and the quantity — of assets that have been shared.
You are now almost 15,000 users and more than 250,000 assets have been downloaded.
Today we are launching the Staff picks: a selection of the latest substances, curated by our team.

Enjoy these gems and happy (Substance) sharing!

WoodPainted_Peeling by Braddixo
Peeling painted wood

Herringbone Brick Floor by Bencooney3D
Procedural brick floor in herringbone pattern with grass

Galvanized Steel 01 by Romain Albenque
Galvanized steel with scratched parts

AFF – Bolt by Strangelet3345
This tool uses a custom substance containing 6 cool scifi bolts

Concrete Painted by Silviovalinhos
A substance material using the Metallic PBR workflow (Base Color, Roughness, Height, Metallic)

Fractal Classic Noise (3D) by Rattle
3D Noise generator that generates a Perlin type gradient noise

WkFunctionDrawer by Werwack
With WkFunctionDrawer you can visualize the curve of your functions