Tons of announcements at Substance Day at MAX

The Substance Day at MAX keynote just ended. The team had a lot of announcements for the Substance community!

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Today, the Substance team gathered in LA for Adobe MAX, the creativity conference, and started the event with a very special Substance Day at MAX. During the keynote, Sébastien Deguy, vice president 3D & Immersive at Adobe, shared some exciting news about what’s going on with Substance.

Substance Painter ❤️ Photoshop

Now that the Substance team and the Photoshop team are under the same roof, there’s a lot of opportunities for synergies. And the first results are coming in! 

Load your favorite Photoshop brushes in Substance Painter!

Starting with the next Substance Painter release, you’ll be able to import and use .ABR brushes in your favorite 3D texturing app. We also announced opacity blending and pressure sensitivity improvements, bringing the painting experience closer than ever to Photoshop’s.

Substance Alchemist is out of beta

This week, you will be able to get the first release of Substance Alchemist that we consider solid enough to take away the Beta label, meaning you can now use it in production! It features an improved layer stack, the ability to share projects with other users, and an improved delighter.

Substance Alchemist is truly ready to pick up speed with new, exciting features already in the works!

The team is also working on a new fully automatic tiling filter, born from the collaboration between Adobe Research and the Substance Alchemist team. Ever used the Content-Aware fill in Photoshop? We now use the same technology to remove seams on the edges of your input image automatically, and soon a full material at once! This new algorithm is faster, doesn’t require any tweaking, and often produce better results than the previous methods.

Sketchfab natively integrated into the Substance launcher

Great news for those of you using the Substance launcher, which grows thanks to a partnership with the Sketchfab team! You will soon be able to download more than 220K free models made by the Sketchfab community and send them to Substance compatible software such as Substance Painter, of course, and Adobe Dimension.

If you haven’t tried the launcher yet, it’s the perfect occasion to give it a spin!

Substance Share gets a makeover

The best platform to exchange your materials with the rest of the community will get an update in 2020! 

Substance Share 2.0 is currently being polished and will enter a private Beta phase later this month. It remains 100% free and now also features cool new bells and whistles like automatic thumbnail generation, a 3D viewer, artist profiles, and even a way to donate to your favorite contributor.

Two great Signature releases for Substance Source

After the incredible architecture release on Substance Source, the team is getting ready to publish a lot of new content in the coming weeks. Starting with a massive release of hundreds of scan atlases, usable directly in Substance Alchemist, as well as two upcoming signature releases, one with Kyle Horwood, who chose to honor Japan with his materials, and another with Jonathan Benainous, who continues to work on his ornamental style.

Art by Kyle Horwood

Mixamo gets 35 new characters

Mixamo is part of our 3D & AR family at Adobe, and to show our love, we’re adding 35 new characters to the service! It remains entirely free and it’s all wrapped in a new website for a better user experience.

Democratizing material scanning in collaboration with HP: here is Project Captis

Together with HP, we assembled a team of people passionate about scanning and materials. We’ve been building a first prototype that would allow anybody to create scanned materials with the high-quality bar required by professionals, fully automated, at a price point that makes it accessible to any aspiring material artist.

Project Captis: the Substance team and HP join forces

The Substance team stays in LA for the duration of Adobe MAX! We are taking over the creativity conference with an amazing program including several sessions and workshops dedicated to 3D workflows and even a 3D & AR village. If you’re visiting, come chat with us! Find the program here.

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