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The Winners’ First Look at Meet MAT: The Art Book of the 3D Painting Contest

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‘All roads lead to Rome,’ as the expression goes. That isn’t quite true, though those Romans did do some wicked infrastructure development. Likewise, it isn’t absolutely true to say that ‘All 3D career paths lead to Paris’ — though this was certainly how it felt, when we realized that fortuitous circumstance had brought both the Pro and Student winners of our Meet MAT 3D painting competition practically to our Parisian doorstep.

We’d just launched our newest book, Meet MAT: The Art Book of the 3D Painting Contest; we figured we had to get the contest winners along to take a look and share their views. Our Publishing Manager sat down for a chat with the two artists.

Gabriel D’Orazio is the winner of the Pro category of the Meet MAT 3D painting contest. Having previously worked for Zombie Studio, in São Paulo, Brazil. Gabriel has more recently become a character surfacing artist for Illumination Mac Guff, in Paris.

Sebastien Deguy and the Meet MAT winners
Sébastien Deguy welcomes the Meet MAT winners.

Guillaume Hecht is the winner of the Student category of the Meet MAT 3D Painting Contest. No longer a student, Guillaume is currently a level artist for Ubisoft Paris.

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