X-TAON Art Car Texturing Contest: Runners-Up

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Yesterday, we revealed the winners of the X-TAON Art Car Texturing Contest. Now is the time to divulge those who made it to the top 10 according to the jury’s choices. Here they are, the 4th to 10 places in both the pro and student categories:


4th: Thomas Charier – The Road Eraser

Paris, France

“I really enjoyed conceptualizing ideas about shapes and the overall look of this car. I tried to match the beautiful curves while breaking some parts like the headlights and it was rather convincing! This car can outperform any supercar thanks to special tires and a light body. A superior grip on the road is always synonymous with victory. This setup will surely become a standard. Who needs carbon when you have gum!” – Thomas Charier.

See Thomas’s process on the Allegorithmic forum.

“Minimalistic but full of details. One of the most interesting entries of the whole contest!” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

5th: Gabriel Turot – Reno Racer

Bordeaux, France

“My entry for the X-TAON contest launched by Allegorithmic, inspired by reno racers (WW2 era planes heavily modified and used to run pylon races (look ‘em up they look amazing).” – Gabriel Turot.

“Very cool design, looks like a legit race car, and a great homage to the reno racer planes it’s inspired by.” – Paul Braddock, jury.

6th: Karol Miklas -Mind and Soul

Wrocław, Poland

“Mind and Soul – the livery is a metaphoric representation of how we perceive a human brain and ourselves. Like the brain, the livery has the left and right side, responsible for respectively the “Mind” – the “Orderly side” – the consciousness, the analytic thinking and decision making – and the “Soul” – the “Free” side – the unconscious part that supports our creativity, the instinct and the feelings. In this entry, the vehicle itself became an EV (Electric Vehicle) prototype race car. One off, for testing and for media purposes. It supports the idea of progress and the conscious thinking about it.” – Karol Miklas.

“Strong concept, amazing execution. Love all the Easter eggs all around the car.” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

7th: Jakub Rupa – Arthype

Kraków, Poland

“It was fun and I learned a lot. I hope u like it :).” – Jakub Rupa.

“Awesome graphic design, perfectly matching with the car’s volume. Great job!” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

8th: Shen Qin Yu – New life 新生

Beijing, China

“磨损不代表破坏和抛弃,反而新的生命正从磨损的外表下展露出来.时间的打磨会让他展现出独一无二的魅力!Wear and tear don’t mean destruction and abandonment. A new life is emerging from the surface of wear and tear. with time going by, it will show its unique charm!” – Shen Qin Yu.

“I love the graphic elements, and the contrast of matte and gloss surfaces, with the reflective gold surfaces. Very nice overall.” – Paul Braddock, jury.

9th: Vinícius Cortez – Pharaonic Relic

São Paulo, Brazil

“I decided to make an ancient Egypt/Pharaonic style car art, I’ve done just the texturing of the car as the car is the same to everybody, hope you like it! I’ve used Substance Designer to make some materials.” – Vinícius Cortez.

“Great theme choice and what an execution. Loving every part of it.” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

10th: Marian Latecka – Ride Like A Hell

Nitra, Slovakia

Marian Latecka on ArtStation.


4th: Jan Trubac – Evolution

Ostrava, Czech Republic

“Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoyed the whole process, even though it wasn’t always easy :). As I’ve seen this as a new, modern era, slightly futuristic car, my goal was to make it look fresh, young, optimistic but yet still give it some racing feel.” – Jan Trubac.

“So fresh and so aligned with the theme. I want to see this car on the street so much!” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

5th: Paul Marundan – Fulminazione (いなずま)

Sydney, Australia

“Introducing ‘Fulminazione’, which means ‘lightning’ in Italian (or 稲妻 ‘inazuma’, meaning ‘lightning bolt’ in Japanese), is created for the X-TAON Art Car texturing contest hosted by Allegorithmic. Textured entirely in Substance Painter, it is a symbolic representation of lightning and thunderstorm with a touch of astronomy.

The race livery of this cute, fun, but aggressive little race car is design based on the combination of Japanese and Italian style. Combining the usual minimalist Italian design with the eye-catching contemporary Japanese art style, resulting in the perfect blend of tranquillity and glamorous ornate appearance.” – Paul Marundan.

“Very slick, the yellow accents compliment the car’s features nicely.” – Paul Braddock, jury.

6th: Michael Fields – Sharpie Car

Bandon, United States of America

“I had a lot of fun with this project and hope to do more soon! All of the designs were done by mouse.” – Michael Fields.

“Not easy to create a full black and white handpainted version and here it is superbly executed, and with a mouse!? Are you crazy! Congrats!” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

“Really feels like it was drawn with a Sharpie” – Paul Braddock, jury.

7th: Joy Ferdinant – Imperfect Lines of Art

Thrissur, India

“Imperfect Lines that flow free to portrait an art form that is never seen. Colors join the voyage to create a collaboration of beauty and artwork different from it’s Kind. These are pretty much the lines that can truly showcase my artwork. it’s been a journey of fun and art that can never be competed with. A true congrats to the Allegorithmic team as well as to all of the sponsors of this contest.” – Joy Ferdinant.

“lovely hand-drawn elements.” – Paul Braddock, jury.

8th: Ali Ahmad – The Painted Car

Manchester, United Kingdom

“I was inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s BMW Art Car, where he used photographic means to project art onto the car, turning it into a ‘mobile museum’. I decided to try and turn this technique on its head to create something minimalist and colorful. I imported my own street photographs as alpha masks and used them to paint layers of color and noise. My goal was to turn the car into a vivid mirror of its surroundings. In my final iteration, much of the detail from the photographs is hidden or obscured from sight unless viewing it from a certain angle.” – Ali Ahmad.

9th: Vinay Srivastava – A kid’s Fantasy

Pune, India

“This was an exciting challenge. The Basic idea behind this texture was “How a kid would like to paint a car if he/she got one?” So I tried to texture this car from a kid’s perspective. Plus I added a little Indian touch to it by adding the designs that in a way represents India. I didn’t want to use Normals, so I didn’t. And I didn’t texture the disc brakes because then tires were looking odd to me, so I added chrome to them.” – Vinay Srivastava.

“Naive, sensitive almost fragile. This proposal has to be watched for a long time to discover how well balanced it is. Nothing super shiny here just the right color swatches and the right graphics. That’s the signature of an Art Car.” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

10th: Mokmin Chowdhury – Vega

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

“The name of the car comes from the star called ‘Vega’ as its mainly blue.” – Mokmin Chowdhury.

“Both Simple and super complex. As soon as you pay attention to the roughness another graphic design appears. That’s definitely an Art Car!” – Pierre Maheut, jury.

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